10 Common Mistakes Content Creators Make
10 Common Mistakes Content Creators Make And Are Not Aware Of

by Malak Tera 10 Common Mistakes Content Creators Make And Are Not Aware Of Writing creative and flawless content is a dream come true for every content creator. However, behind every idea you see, lies a world of pressure and obstacles.  Here are 10 mistakes that content creators repeatedly make, without actually noticing:  1- Focusing

googleplus is dead
Google+ is dead…

Since the beginning of February 2019, you cannot create a new Google+ profile, page, community or event. Moreover, your data will be deleted on April 2nd! Read below and take cover... 5 Things you need to know This is not a rumor. Google team already sent emails to their users informing them about the news.

google shortener RIP
Make it more shareable. Make it shorter!

You probably want to share a hyperlink with your clients. Yet with more and more content being added to your website, portal or your social media channels, the links increase in length! Long URLs, unfortunately, split into lines, detach from its linkage and are harder to share! In short, make it more shareable by making

promote business online
How to promote your business online?

If you are starting your small business and looking forward to growing fast, here we are! Some Google Tools available to promote small businesses. Google Places: Place your business on google map for free. Existing on google maps will attract potential customers and increase your chance to be visible by people who search for nearby

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6 Steps to Write a Brilliant Video Script

Having a good idea for your video is not enough to make a successful one. Here are 6 essential steps to turn your idea into success: 1) Mark Your Goals Highlighting your video goals will enable you to create a clear storyboard for the video; by answering the following questions, you can get an explicit

Content Marketing Is It Something Or Is It Nothing 1

Are you a content creation Specialist? Content Marketing is really trendy these days! Social Media is packed with different forms of content. Posting is actually on fire continuously!  But is it really all about social media marketing? ……. Of course not! Content Marketing has many forms, for example, that astonishing advertisement you see on billboards,