Egypt’s Digital Landscape

Egypt has a rapidly growing digital landscape with increasing internet and social media penetration rates each year. According to the latest reports, Egypt has around 52 million internet users, representing around 55% of the total population. Egypt also has one of the highest social media user bases in the Middle East with over 38 million users across major platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Facebook reigns supreme in Egypt with over 37 million monthly active users. This represents around 94% of all social media users in Egypt and makes Egypt the 6th largest market for Facebook in the Middle East and Africa. YouTube also has widespread popularity with over 22 million users. Instagram is growing fast too with over 7 million monthly active users.

Mobile phones are the most popular way to access the internet in Egypt. Around 99% of all internet connections happen via mobile devices. Cheaper data plans and more affordable smartphones have made the mobile internet much more accessible to people across different income levels in Egypt.

The statistics show some interesting trends in internet usage and social media preferences in Egypt:

•Young population: About 60% of Egypt’s population is under 30 years old. This youthful demographic is driving increasing internet and social media adoption.

•Urban areas are more connected: Internet penetration is higher in urban areas like Cairo and Alexandria compared to rural parts of Egypt. However, growth in rural connectivity is fast outpacing urban areas.

•Arabic is the dominant language: Most Egyptians access the internet and prefer social media platforms in Arabic. Facebook and YouTube both offer Arabic language interfaces and content in Egypt.

•Entertainment and media are popular: Egyptians spend a lot of time on social media and the internet consuming video content, streaming movies/TV shows, listening to music, and following media personalities/influencers.

•E-commerce is small but growing: Although e-commerce accounts for less than 2% of retail sales in Egypt, the e-commerce market is growing over 30% year over year and holds much promise. More Egyptians are getting comfortable buying products/services online.

With the increasing digital connectivity and social media use, Egypt has become an attractive market for all kinds of internet businesses. All signs point to Egypt continuing its transformation into a major digital hub in the Middle East with huge opportunities for technology companies, marketers, media organizations, and content creators. The future is online in Egypt.

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