Facebook Jobs  … will it replace LinkedIn?, Digitology

The digital, and social media in specific, dominates most of the work and training vacancy offerings! This is due to the decreased cost of announcing the vacancy and to its increased effectiveness. However, it was LinkedIn the most known and used for such a mission with millions of active job listings per month!

In late 2016, Facebook was spotted testing job posts and features. In the beginning, the features were introduced in the US and Canada last year. This year it’s been applied to 40 more countries!

Facebook is already being used in job search before the new feature launches. The questions now: what will this new feature offer to both applicants and companies providing vacancies? And will this change how social media platforms are distinguished from each other?

Advantages for Both Applicants and Agencies

The job post from Facebook makes it all covered!. Here is a list of pros available through Facebook job posts for employers:

  • Upload an image/photo is a feature available to increase the post impressions. So don’t worry about attaching creative designs for the job post, It’s here too!
  • Add a job title and enhance it with job description/tasks required:
    Write and illustrate the job title. Also, you can give a word on work environment to attract the candidates you are looking for!
  • Add Job & salary information
    This feature allows you to be detailed with salaries, benefits and working hours while leaving “salary” field as optional for employers.
  • No more missing information!
    Job posting from Facebook allows less missing information about the applicants. Ask about anything you need, add multiple choices, allow for adding experience and education… all of this is covered by Facebook. And don’t worry about the applicant’s email! It’s also being collected for every applicant.
  • Manage the whole process through your Facebook page!
    Download the applicants’ CVs and mark the ones you’ve contacted/interviewed, and those who are rejected or scheduled for an interview.
  • Close the job post whenever you find the person you are looking in just one step: “Close job post” and re-open once needed!

Facebook didn’t forget to make it easy for the applicants too through the following key elements added to the post:

  • Better Job
    As an applicant you can filter by job location, job type and industry. It’s now easy to find all the open jobs suitable for you!
  • Date of Post
    This is necessary for all applicants to know if the post is recent or not. The post won’t be visible too if the job post is closed! You won’t apply for a job that is already expired!
  • Location and Type of the Job
    Know job location from the post itself and whether it’s a full-time/ part-time/ volunteer/ internship!
  • Job Tab in the page
    Applicants that prefer certain companies would find it easy to just check that tab!
  • Applying is Made Easy and “Unforgettable”!
    Due to the rejection rates and hard filtering in most of the companies, applicants usually forget if they applied for the post! With Facebook job posts this problem is covered, you will be able to see if you’ve applied and edited your application!

Will LinkedIn be a Trace from History?

Launching the job post features through Facebook, is an informal announcement of the desire to outdo LinkedIn! Well, here are some features that answer the question above:

  • Promotion to the post goes directly to the Facebook news feed.
  • Job seekers can search for openings, auto-fill their applications with their Facebook profile information!
  • Proximity filters for the job offerings and editing the application is available.
  • Communication through messenger to schedule interviews is available.
  • Connecting with a job doesn’t require fancy looking resumes on Facebook, it only depends on the data filled!

One challenge is that Facebook needs to convince users to be more as themselves and give true data of experience and education on their profiles to make these job post features more relevant with greater efficiency. Giving that being solved, LinkedIn may need to work better on achieving something new to make it regain its strong position regarding recruitment and job postings!

What about you? Do you think Facebook will dominate the online recruitment field? Let us know with a comment below!

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