googleplus is dead
Google+ is dead…

Since the beginning of February 2019, you cannot create a new Google+ profile, page, community or event. Moreover, your data will be deleted on April 2nd! Read below and take cover... 5 Things you need to know This is not a rumor. Google team already sent emails to their users informing them about the news.

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Make it more shareable. Make it shorter!

You probably want to share a hyperlink with your clients. Yet with more and more content being added to your website, portal or your social media channels, the links increase in length! Long URLs, unfortunately, split into lines, detach from its linkage and are harder to share! In short, make it more shareable by making

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Quick Snap: Will “Facebook Watch” beat “YouTube”?!

A year ago, Facebook Watch was launched in the United State to give users a new feature that can change social media using maps in the future. Facebook Watch gives users an option to find videos and vloggers, and start conversations with fans and creators. THE START POINT Facebook Watch target was to make it