8 Tips For Outstanding Instagram Reels, Digitology

Welcome to the age of video content!

In this year’s Fortune Brainstorm Tech Conference 2022, Prabhakar Raghavan, Google’s Senior VP stated that 40% of today’s youth from ages 18 – 24 use TikTok & Instagram instead of Google as a source of information. With today’s audience preferring videos rather than readable content, Instagram reels are becoming the app’s most-used feature with increasing traction. If used correctly, they can be an awesome marketing tool.

Looking to create booming reels? Here are 8 Tips For Outstanding Instagram Reels:

Tip #1: Pamper your reels

Audiences get bored easily. Wow them with visually appealing content when you add trending filters, artistic effects, attractive transitions, stickers, and cool text styles. Don’t over use any of them, but instead, use them creatively to set different moods and up your video storytelling to grab the attention of your audience and win their interest.

Tip #2: Create engaging content

TRENDS! The best way to create engaging content that will reach wider audiences is to keep in mind popular music or tracks and trending topics, along with attractive ways to use both.

Tip #3: Make your reels accessible to all

To reach most audiences with your content, you need to consider all watching habits. Since many of us skim through social media without turning the sound up, adding in closed captions to your videos will definitely make them more accessible so everybody can see what you are saying if they are playing on silent. Obviously, this will help people with hearing disabilities too. If you think adding text is time-consuming, simply turn on the speech-to-text feature on your phone!

Tip #4: Be consistent

Uploading reels consistently will keep your audiences hooked and entertained. Consistency also tweaks Instagram’s algorithm to your favor. Therefore, you can follow a fixed uploading routine and schedule your reels in order to stay true to your audience’s expectations.

Tip #5: Adjust your reel to match the feed

Instagram reels have the same 16:9 format as stories. However, on feeds or homepages, they appear in 1:1 format, so you want to adjust your reel to match the square format by placing the important content in the middle without having essential text blocks or parts of your face cut off from the top or bottom of your reel.

Tip #6: Share, share, share

Chances of boosting your reach increase when you share Instagram reels to your feed and story, but how can you do this right? To begin with, create a suitable cover image for your reel in order to display it on your profile and match the aesthetic look of your grid. Also, you can use this image when sharing to your story by placing it over the reel and adding text or GIFs (Ex: “Tap here”) driving the audience to view the reel on your profile and engage with it. Need ideas? You can always look up cool story references online!

Tip #7: Allow Facebook to recommend your reels

This is considered one of the best tools to increase views on your reels. First off, you need to link your Facebook & Instagram accounts together. Then you need to toggle “Recommend on Facebook” while posting your reel on Instagram. Make sure the toggle button is blue, and wait for your reel to be featured on Facebook too!

Tip #8: Hashtags!

We think it goes without saying, but there’s no harm in reminding you that hashtags will definitely help raise your Instagram reel numbers! Ideally, your reel should include 3-5 hashtags. They will help the algorithm understand your content better, hence feature it for the suitable target audience.

With these tips in mind, you are now ready to level up your Instagram reel game. Which tip do you think will make the most difference?

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