award article

After 5 years in the market, Digitology has been acknowledged as one of the top 50 tech-companies in the MENA region by winning an award from InterCon (The Internet Conference) in Dubai, for its secret ingredient to the effective use of technology in the field of digital marketing and its contribution to changing the face of business.

Being among a diverse group of people and different companies from all over the industry has been a great pleasure to our agency, and being recognized among the top internet companies in the region is a solid proof that all our work in delivering optimum technological and digital solutions to our local and multinational clients did not go to waste.

In efforts to create a world of digital science and further add to the development and progression of technology in our field, we have been providing different digital dominance bundles including social media marketing, search engine marketing and optimization, media buying and online ads, events’ digital solutions and activations, HD live streaming, virtual reality, digital public relations, and web and mobile app development.

In today’s continuously progressing market, our journey is still ongoing and our aims keep getting higher, but what we have reached after all these years is that hard work always pays off.