Google+ is dead…, Digitology

Since the beginning of February 2019, you cannot create a new Google+ profile, page, community or event. Moreover, your data will be deleted on April 2nd! Read below and take cover…

5 Things you need to know

  1. This is not a rumor.

Google team already sent emails to their users informing them about the news. Yes, Google+ is shutting down this April!

2. All data will be gone. Save it before it is too late!

Unless you save all your photos and videos on Google Photos, your data will be gone forever on April 2nd. You can use this link and save your data before that date:

3. When we say Google+, we mean everything related.

This means Google+ profiles, communities, sign up buttons with Google+, Google+ comments on other sites including blogger. ALL WILL BE GONE.

4. Google+ APIs will shut done this March. Only developers will relate!

5. Things do not work all the time. That is the normal tech Obsolescence!

Google+ itself admits that they could not compete and they failed to maintain a successful product that meets consumers’ expectations. Using search, you can find many other social platforms that could not compete. Below we list top two.

TWO Popular failed social platforms

It is not shocking for digital marketers and users to failing platforms. Here we list top 2:

  • Yahoo! Buzz died in 2011, just only after 4 years of its launch! The funny thing is that it also closed on “April” like Google+.
  • Vine died in 2016. When Instagram added video sharing feature, users began to leave vine. Good news is that Vine is coming back as a new “video looping app” called Byte. We are expecting the launch in the spring of 2019.  If you have time, we suggest you watch some funny vines here:

Think about this: Will Snapchat fade soon?

After reading this article, we leave our readers with this question. Do you think Snapshat will shut down soon?

Let us hear from you…

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