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A year ago, Facebook Watch was launched in the United State to give users a new feature that can change social media using maps in the future.

Facebook Watch gives users an option to find videos and vloggers, and start conversations with fans and creators.


Facebook Watch target was to make it easy to watch the videos you love and the videos your friends liked or shared directly on Facebook. This helped users to socialize and engage more with each other.

The users of Facebook Watch are increasing rapidly; they reach more than 50 million people every month. This increases the spending time on Facebook Watch by 14X since the beginning of 2018.


Facebook Watch is giving you many amazing features that increases the hours you spend on Facebook.

Here is what it has to offer:

  • Find the top trending videos:

Easily, you can find the latest videos that are trending on Facebook all over the world falling into many categories: entertainment, sports, news, and anything that you are interested to have in your watch feed.

  • A home for your saved videos:

If you see a video in News Feed and don’t have time to watch it now, you can save it to watch later on Facebook Watch. This feature is amazing and important.

  • Create Your favorite list:

Finally, you can make your watch list on your watch feed and you can customize it by following more pages or unfollowing others from your list.


From the first day, people started thinking about the difference between Facebook Watch and YouTube. Easily you can think that Facebook creates Watch to make users spend more hours on Facebook and to make marketers as well as vloggers use just Facebook Watch without a need to use outsource links from YouTube. This will create a huge competition between them.

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Make your choice and give an answer to this question: Will “Facebook Watch” beat “YouTube”?

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