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By Mahmoud Mahdy

Facebook launches the “Search Ads” feature

It’s been almost a year since Facebook first began testing ads in Newsfeed and Marketplace search results, but now the option is available to all advertisers. Now when users search Facebook in general or Marketplace in specific, they will get ad results relevant to their search keywords. Apparently, tests showed that advertisers and users find value in search results ads, so they decided to roll it all out for everyone.

Facebook explained

All new ad campaigns with Auto-placement option will automatically appear in the Facebook search results if you look up any related words. You can also manually select the search placement while setting up your campaign. Once you’re done setting your campaign, ads will be eligible to appear on both general and marketplace search results, respecting your target audience and contextually relevant to a limited set of English and Spanish search terms.

“Advertisers have no control over the keywords”

Basically, when you select the placement of your ad, you’ll have the option to include search ads or else it will be included within your automatic placement, then Facebook will determine the right keywords. We hope the keywords selection will be available in the future.

So it’s the same way of targeting your ads, but more spots to place them. This will help advertisers to be more exposed to their consumers, and of course, it’s way more effective because it appears to those who are already looking for your product or service.

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