Are you a content creation Specialist?

Content Marketing is really trendy these days! Social Media is packed with different forms of content. Posting is actually on fire continuously!  But is it really all about social media marketing? ……. Of course not! Content Marketing has many forms, for example, that astonishing advertisement you see on billboards, is actually content marketing! As a matter of fact, writing and advertising existed ever since people started drawing images on caves! Continuous developments led to impacts on writing techniques. However, it’s when the technological revolution took place in the twentieth century, digital marketing content arises.

Now there are no barriers to writing any content:

Today we have no barriers or fears for reaching our customers or potential customers because of the technological development and the digital evolution in particular.

So the issues that our content marketing creators faced in the past are far different than those we face today. Where are we now?

  • First, prospective customers or customers can accept the content or part of it in just three seconds.
  • Second, People who dreamed of working in journalism or editing began to shift to digital marketing specifically the social media marketing and social media branding side.
  • Third, now technology has made the implementation of the content strategy does not cost an excessive amount of money. Often, we can use technology and the digital world is approximately free of charge.
Five Characteristics to write Great Content:
  1. Focus on the customer more than the product:
    Try to focus on different and distinctive ways to attract your customers; create content that focuses on the customer, not on the product.
  2. Focus on what the customer needs to know:
    Create content that focuses on what the customer wants to know not to pitch your brand, product or service. Try to create different types of content with showing the benefits that will accrue to your audience.
  3. Don’t mention your Brand in the story:
    Joe said that someone once told him “your story travels further the less you mention your brand.” Therefore, the more you provide quality content that is relevant to your readers the more likely they are to read and share that information.
  4. Creativity “Novelty that’s useful”:
    Creativity means to have the ability to overcome self-imposed constraints.
    Becoming sensitive to or aware of problems, gaps in knowledge, missing elements, and so on; bringing together available information; defining the difficulty or identifying the missing elements; searching for solutions, making hypotheses and modifying and retesting them; perfecting them and finally communicating the results.
  5. Focus on referral traffic.
    Referral traffic is important to your website because it sends potential customers to your website from other sites that may have the same target audience already trust their recommendations.

Creating useful content is the key to generating earned social media placements that drive highly-converting referral traffic. Not only is it more cost-effective, but it’s also just more fun to generate!

Note: If you focus on creating a lot of content and focus on the number of words more than the value you offer to customers, you should think differently because this will hurt your social media branding. Posting great content once a week is better than posting mediocre content five times a week.


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