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by Malak Tera

10 Common Mistakes Content Creators Make And Are Not Aware Of

Writing creative and flawless content is a dream come true for every content creator. However, behind every idea you see, lies a world of pressure and obstacles. 

Here are 10 mistakes that content creators repeatedly make, without actually noticing: 

1- Focusing on features instead of benefits

“What’s in it for me?” 

A question that goes on in every consumer’s head. To answer that, it’s only sensible to hit the benefits of the service or product you are advertising for, rather than just listing its technical features. Yet, you have to focus on the right benefits. The ones that resonate with the consumer emotionally, solve a problem he faces, or encourage him to take action. 

2- Not double checking

Publishing unrevised content is totally unadvisable. Sometimes we forget to go through what we have written and sometimes we are too confident about our capabilities. In all cases, typos are inescapable. You could resort to a spelling & grammar checker or you could double check yourself, but make sure you don’t skip proofreading so you don’t damage your piece.  

3- Saying too much 

Being “too wordy” is a trap most copywriters fall into. Today, being concise and to the point is more on demand than being overly elaborate, and that’s because the audience lean more towards short messages. Simplicity is key. 

4- Forgetting CTAs

A call-to-action is one of the most important lines in any piece of content. Some may see it as a snobbish command, but it actually achieves most marketing and sales objectives and it truly encourages people to either click, download, share, or do anything you ask them. Sometimes people just like to be told what to do along with any message. 

5- Using weak headlines 

The first thing we read before getting into the meat of any piece of content is the headline, whether it was the title of an article, text on a visual, or even just the starting line of a post. Therefore, this headline should be catchy, intriguing, and informative; so the audience don’t overlook your content. Yet, make sure it’s not deceptive or misleading like such in the yellow press. A headline may ask a question, trigger thoughts or appeal to emotions in order to grab attention. 

6- Not sparking conversation 

Writing doesn’t mean “not talking”. On the contrary, when you write any piece of content, it has to address your audience like you are talking to them and waiting for them to respond. This creates better engagement. Your way of writing also has to reflect the way you talk. Modern writing leans more towards casual tones of voice rather than formal, boring ones.

7- Not being personal 

People like it when you talk to them individually more than being part of a crowd. Accordingly, writing to one person is more preferable than writing to a group of people. Getting specific with your target audience evokes a sense of relevance.

8- Missing the brand voice

Every brand has its own voice which includes language, level of informality, tone and style. Following this voice is mandatory. However, having a base of references is still essential, and it’s fine to aspire to different styles as long as you keep in mind following your own individual voice. A smart content creator is one who is always ready and capable to change voices in order to cater to the client’s requirements.

9- Not tracking traffic and analytics

Some people find numbers boring and unimportant, although checking traffic and analytics is always useful. Are you reaching your target audience? What are the ages that tune in to your messages and when? The amount of time people spend reading or watching? All of these are valuable questions for a content creator, because knowing how your audience react and respond to you can help you strategize your content.

10- Not optimizing for SEO

If you don’t understand SEO well enough, team up with somebody who does in order to optimize any copy you write to receive its deserved attention. To develop leads and secure high search rankings, using specific keywords and tags is highly beneficial.

Content creation is an easy field for traps, but if you become able to identify these traps, you will easily overcome them. Only then will you be confident and proud to share your content with the world with no hesitation.

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