In the digital marketing field, content is the way to attract the right audience. But among all the information we encounter every day online, how much of it do you actually remember? Or better yet, how much of it do you actually enjoy completing?

Content takes a lot of time to prepare, write, and execute, so let’s find a way to make good use of this time and provide the audience with value that not only do they not get bored of, but also remember.

For all creators who wish to create memorable content for their audience, here are some tips for you:

1- Write a Compelling Headline:

A catchy headline is a headline that will be remembered. It’s known that it only takes 3 seconds for the audience to get captivated and continue consuming any media piece. This 3 second rule basically makes up the hardest barrier in content creation; attracting the audience’s attention. Therefore, headlines should intrigue the audience, give them a feeling that there is something inside that they need or would be interested in, and set the ground for winning them with the real content you will provide.

2- Tell a Story:

Crafting content into a relatable and engaging story will definitely initiate a bond between you or your brand and your audience, making your content unforgettable. Noone forgets a good story!

3- Create an Emotion:

People normally take action based on an emotion or a rational decision. However, emotionally charged messages leave the highest impact, and are more memorable. Whether your content is humorous, dramatic, or even surprising, as long as it evokes an emotional response it will be easier to relate to and consequently, remember.

4- Be Consistent:

According to the popular saying, “Repetition teaches the best of us”. So one of the most effective ways to teach or influence is by repetition. However, you don’t want to be boring or redundant, you can print your content in your readers’ minds through different illustrations of your idea.

5- Use Visuals:

Supplying your content with visuals makes it more engaging, helps it stand out, and most importantly makes it more memorable. Visual retention is more likely than text retention for the human mind, so you don’t want to hold back on images to support your content.

Out of those 5 ideas, what do you think is the most effective way to make your content more memorable?

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