google shortener RIP

You probably want to share a hyperlink with your clients. Yet with more and more content being added to your website, portal or your social media channels, the links increase in length! Long URLs, unfortunately, split into lines, detach from its linkage and are harder to share!

In short, make it more shareable by making it shorter. Here is how.

A common website for this purpose is Google Shortener. However, Google Shortener is turning down this March. In this article, we provide you with 7 alternatives to Google Shortener and yes, all are free tools!

  1. Tiny URL: a great tool and widely used one. Sadly, the website had lots of display ads so if you hate them, you may get bored.
  2. Kutt.it: is a super cool and powerful one. After signing up it allows you to set a custom URL and set a password so that only limited people can access it. PS: signing up is free too!
  3. Bitly: a nice tool but have a limited quota for users with no sign-ups and afterward your account will expire. However, the good news is: sign up is free and with a sign up you can count the clicks on your link! Even if for a limited time, enjoy your free quota!
  4. T2M.io: you only have to opt-in with your email and verify it then you gain unlimited shortened URLs, Clicks, and redirects.shorten
  5. Is.GD: a very simple and effective free tool.
  6. Bit.do: is simply a tool that we can describe as easy, simple and rich. Features include customizing the link and gaining traffic stats.
  7. Ouo.io: a crazy tool that allows you to profit from your links! You get paid for the views and you shorten them too.

Keep in mind that shortening URLs does not mean bad SEO rank for your website, Google is smart and redirects perfectly. It is time to harness the benefits of shortening tools and not giving a hoot for the long URLs anymore!

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